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As far as stripping the regs is concerned, refer to the above diagrams: -

LPR - Unscrew the LPR Cap (labeled part 7) to access the other parts.

HPR - Unscrew the Regulator Cap (labeled part 8) to access the other parts.

Not a lot more to it than that. After removing each regulators end cap, the other parts will come out in the order shown in the pictures above.

Any paintball specific grease is fine for lubrication. Commercially, Dow 33 is fine too.

The volume of your marker when shooting could be down to the barrel you are using, or the operating pressure you are running the marker at.

The LPR is mainly used to control the cycle speed of the bolt. It will have some effect on the velocity, but not in the direct way that the LPR on a ram operated marker would. If the bolt travels too slowly, the ball may have already left the barrel (at a reduced velocity), before the full charge of air is released. As long as the pressure is set to a sensible value, so that the bolt can cycle normally, the LPRs effect on velocity won't be too pronounced.
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