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Originally Posted by Jaster View Post
OK guys and gals, here's the deal. We have these things called "Stickies" at the top of all the forums here. These stickies have tons and tons of very useful info that will answer many of your questions. Please use them or try a search BEFORE posting. A lot of people worked very hard to organize all this data and put it in a easy to use format to make life easier here.
Now to be a bit fair here, I understand the need to have people opinions of "just my situation because it's different from everyone else". In all honesty, it's not that different. If you do a search and come up dry or if you have a specific question, sweet, post and we'll all be here to help out. These "VS." threads have to stop. As well as the "which for $40..." or "my spyder/tippy/mag/Timmy/blowgun.... needs a barrel". All have been asked repetitively. A quick search will bring you many a thread on all those topics.
If you need some assistance in searching, aren't quite sure what to look for, or just want some help PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PM ME. I would much rather be here helping people out and answering new questions the closing threads that have been asked a thousand times.
I'm sure there are a few annoyed people right now because I've closed a bunch of threads. You can be annoyed all you want. I don't mind. However my job is to keep things clean, spam free, discipline when needed, and help out. That's what I'm doing here. When this forum is all cleaned up it will be much more useful to all of the users here. With your help we can get that done faster.
Thank you for your cooperation in this.
Feel free to post question or comments here. Just keep it clean.
Maybe I am really tired, but where do I find the "Stickies"?
I don't want to post my question until I look at them. I did do a search but did not find my answer.
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