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Just telling my story. I saved up for months (Job is lame) and anxiously awaited my Proto Matrix Rail's arival. Shipping was faster than I expected considering I had to back order the gun. My Shop owner called me up 4 days after I ordered it and told me it was on his desk. I drove like a mad man, ran into his shop & took the box ( small box at that ), gave him a big hug.....awkward silence, and ran out of the shop. I got home & opened her up. I wanted to check out the ramps so i opened up the grip to put it into configuration mode. I barely touched the wires that go from the battery to the board and they fell out of the white housing. I wanted to scream. So I go back to the shop and we call up Dye and send them a picture of the battery wiring. The dude said he couldn't beleive how short the battery wires were compared to what they should be. So, they sent a new wiring harness. It's been 3 weeks. US Postal is the devil. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or I was the only one with short & loose battery wiring.
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