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Here's an update on the situation for anyone else who bought one of these tanks through MacDev and is still finding out about this...

I contacted the California distributor and they basically told me tough luck and wanted to charge me $160 for a new tank. I wasn't really mad because they're obviously not to blame here and it's been so long since their offer for marked down tanks was over (they did it for 9 months and it's been almost 2 years).

Not one to just throw away a good thing, I contacted the MacDev Australian HQ through e-mail ( It took them a while to get back to me, but it was because I sent a picture of my tank and it was being filtered out of their inbox. When they finally did get back to me, they understood my situation and with no hassle they decided to extend the offer for me. In the end they are billing me $60 for a new tank and all I have to do is ship it to CA to be replaced.

MacDev never ceases to amaze me!
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