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I own a etek and I have tested the 06 ego's. The only difference I find is the 06 ego has a higher bps rate with the stock board (doesn't matter cause only 15 bps is allowed in most tournys). Some internal differences are that the etek doesn't have a qev (don't matter this thing still shoots ropes), and it has a led screen not a lcd screen like the ego. I think the only reason people think lcd screens are better is because it alot faster to see and easyer to see what mode your in or what your customizing etc. Instead of trying to remeber the colors for your led screen. But also I have seen a guy who had a gun (can't remeber which one) and it had a lcd screen on it. The guy got shot in the lcd screen and then the screen went all blurrie and was junk. But there is a 1 in 1000 chance you would be hit there. So it doesn't matter to me which one. Hope this kind of helps. Oh also the etek is cheaper by about 200-300$.
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