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ight i was thinking about getting the Epiphany, shocker, or impulse and up grades to it. so which one should i get?

Other markers you could get:
$200-$300: Triology, tippman A-5, VS3 (try it out first before you buy it), JT Quadra
$300-$400: New ICD
Or if you have the money the DM 7, Ego 06, Bob long imtimadator (i know some who has this marker and it is FAST).

Also, like always money is involded, it depends on your position, and it comfortablity such as weight.
Game face impulse (ups: derline bolt, black heart, LPR w/ tape worm)

Freak barrel (12 inc)

Max flo tank (3000 PSI) and regulator


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