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Originally Posted by TESballer View Post
I still think I heard somewhere that Dragunfly's have high flow Spyder-size valves. I'm still trying to confirm this, but if so than you could look into the MANY upgrade valves available for Spyders.

Suggestions: Maddman Rocket valve, AKA valve....

AKA Spyder Tornado Valve

Maddman Kingman Rocket Valve

32 Degrees Spyder Turbo Valve

[Mec Edit] The valve bodies may be used, but you will have to use your original valvepin [Mec Edit]

Unfortunately if you have a Mech it seems that you are stuck with the three-way that comes with the gun. I don't see why this is a huge issue, but some people like to change them.
I think that Autococker rams and LPR's are compatible.
QEV's would also be a good upgrade for LCD's.

***All autococker cocking rods, LPR’s, and rams fit, but if you replace the ram you have to replace the coupler and the pump rod.

KAPP FAT Ram, Cocker, Black

Shocktech A/C Ram

The Dragunfly will accept any HPR. For Co2 use get the Palmer's Stabilizer. For HPA just get one that you like. The Bob Long Torpedo, WGP Black Magic, and ANS regs are all great, consistent regulators.

Trigger Frames
The hinge trigger frame by WGP will work if you want to replace your mech's frame, there are other's that may work as well with a little tweaking and or modifications.

For those who don't mind the stock frame too much but don't like the stiffness of the trigger pull, just go ahead and clip about a quarter of an inch off the trigger spring and stretch it out and then put it back in place. Also I found that WD-40ing the workings of the trigger before playing helped to smooth out the pull.

Also, I've seen Dragunfly's with Eblades on them, so it is possible....
[Mec Edit] You must use the stock SMC solenoid, but the connecting plug must be replaced with the Eblade solenoid plug [Mec Edit]

Mech Frame

Autococker Hinges fit.

Worrgames Autococker Hinge Trigger Frame

Dye Autococker 2Finger Hinge Trigger Frame


45 frame grips on the Mech


Autococker rams fit, but if you replace the ram you have to replace the coupler and the pump rod.

KAPP FAT Ram, Cocker, Black

Shocktech A/C Ram


Autococker hammers work.

ANS A/C Hammer Kit

Velocity screws

Autococker Velocity screws work

KAPP Autococker Rear Vel. Adjust Screw


Autococker springs work

Some springs at here


Dragunfly Beavertail
(If you can find it PM me >TESballer)
[Mec Edit] Available on eBay, or if you can find someone selling the stock frame from their M1/Dfly, try to get the beavertail [Mec Edit]
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