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I would suggest having a look at the new v10.0 Predator Ghost board. Predator are well known for their reflective eye logic (for instance, making the HALO B fully compatible with dark coloured paintballs with their Cheetah board), and the board has 20 step eye sensitivity adjustment.

The Nox board is good, but has no eye sensitivity adjustment. The eye logic is however meant to be better than that on the stock board.

Tadao would certainly be worth a look when the M7 firmware is released, but I wouldn't personally buy the M6 when there are other boards available with more features at around the same price.

The APE Shocker board sounds promising, but it's only just been released so I have no experience with it. However, according to the instructions at least, there does not appear to be any sensitivity adjustment available.

Right now, I'd stick with the Predator or Nox.
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