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-Model - Pilot ACS ( 05 i think )
-Color - blue to black fade
-Barrel - J&J Ceramic 16in
-Regulator - Empire Inline
-Bolt - Stock
-Striker - Stock
-Trigger - Stock
-ASA - Trinity - EZ On/Off Mount
- Empire vert clamping style feed neck
Board -
Reverted back to stock the tboard cracked 2 bolts!
Grips -Dye stickey Red ( had to have a bit of Contrast )
-Valve - Stock


-Tank -72ci 3000psi PMI HPA
-Hopper -
DXS Pulse Smoke with RF Transmitter Custom modifications

Spyder/BD 15° Assault Block Black With 600 Psi BobLong Gauge
Macroline Replacment
Custom Drop
Before The Transformation still with my eggy
After Transformation


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