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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Year/Model: 2005 Ego
Main color: Dust Red
Contrasting colors: Dust White
Board/version: Virtue
Regulator: Stock
FRM: Stock
ASA: Eclipse Rail and OOPS
Frame: Stock
Trigger: Star (Anno'd white to match)
Valve: LAAV
Detents: Stock
Bolt: Cure Bolt
Pin: Cure Bolt Pin
Feedneck: Stock
Ram Cap: Stock
Rammer: Ti Ram
Grips: Red Ego Grips
Anodizing: Custom Red with white Accents
Customizing of your own: None, I got the gun 2 days ago.

Barrel: Deadly Winds
Tank: 68/45 PE High Pressure
Loader: Vlocity, Pulse, Super Revy, V35'd Halo.
Efficiency: 1600
Arsenal G7 Fly

1 of 1 Gloss Green/Dust Yellow DM6

ACE'd 2k2 LCD Fly <--FS!!!!!

Officially On The BandWagon. Shooting An Ego8.


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