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Ego Army
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Maryland
Marker- Ego
Year/Model: 2007
Main color: Dust Blue
Contrasting colors: Wanting black
Board/version: 3.0 Board
Regulator: Stock 07
FRM: Stock
ASA: Stock
Frame: Stock
Trigger: Stock with adjustments
Valve: Stock
Detents: Stock
Bolt: Cure Bolt
Pin: Stock
Feedneck: C-Lever
Ram Cap: Stock
Rammer: Stock
Grips: Whenever they come out with grips for the 07
Customizing of your own:

Barrel: 2 Piece Shaft, Soon to be UL
Tank: Crossfire 68/45 soon to be CP 68/45
Loader: Halo w/ V35 board soon to be B2
Efficiency: 1500-1600
07 Ego - custom dust white anno
06 Shocker - T-Money Angled ASA, Dynasty Board, HE Bolt, Q-Lock, Hybrid Grips, Redz Barrel

98% of Paintballers have parents who pay for it, if you're part of the 2% that pays for it yourself, put this in your signature.

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