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Exclamation •The PBR Kingman Forum Rules•

Just to make things easier for you all, here is a compiled list of all the Kingman rules. If you have any questions about the rules, send a PM to any of the Kingman mods (seen at the bottom of the Kingman forum) or a Super.

  1. The PBReview Forums Rules
  2. Search then post. Always in that order.
  3. Read all the stickies before posting. Please. You'll look much smarter!
  4. No flaming or trolling.
  5. No spamming.
  6. No BST-type threads/posts. If you want your gun appraised, post in the Spyder Appraisal thread.
  7. No Spyder Vs. (Versus) ____. Period.
  8. No "What upgrades should I get?" threads. If you have any specific questions about a certain upgrade (or you want to find an upgrade that does a certain thing), feel free to post those questions. As always, please run a search about the upgrade part, as chances are that many threads have already been created on that exact part answering your questions.
  9. When making a technical question thread (such as a part leaking), please use the correct names for the parts. This will speed up the time to answer your questions. Also, the more specific information about your problem, the better! Also be sure to include any troubleshooting steps you have tried, as well as their results, if you are having problems with your marker/any associated equipment.
  10. Post the barrel/tank/hopper/etc questions in the barrel/tank/hopper/etc forums.
  11. If you are going to revive a dead thread, please make sure your post will be helpful to members. If you are unsure whether to revive the thread, please send a Private Message to any of the Kingman moderators.
  12. No posts containing just the following: “Search!”, “QFT”, “LOL”, “Don’t bring back dead threads!”, etc. If you are being hit by the 60 Seconds Per Post Rule, you aren’t putting enough time into your posts.
  13. Do not up your thread. PBR members will answer your question when they can. If nobody is online, give it a day or two.
  14. No Virtue/AdvantagePB threads. The will not be represented, endorsed, or supported by PBR. They have been banned from both PBR and PBN for shady business ethics and practices.

Last but not least, the moderators here have an open door policy. If you see any abuses, flaming, bullying, et cetera, and feel that taking the issue to an Agent will not be adequate, then feel free to contact us! You will not be reprimanded for having a question or reporting something, ever.

We sincerely hope that we, along with all the excellent contributing members here, can provide a good learning, development, and troubleshooting experience in this forum.

Sincerely yours,

- The Kingman forum team
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