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Im in no rush to sell so I wont part anything out. Please don't even ask. Even If I like you I wont respond. If I decide to part out I will do so in a nice new thread and I will delete this one.

The reason Im selling this gun with so many extras is because I love this gun. I think she deserve a good home with some one willing to take her with all of her goodies. Who ever owns this gun will have a monster of a bushmaster with enough parts to rebuild her over and over. Or unfortunately sell to everyone but its out of my hands once she is gone.

Trust me when I tell you that this is one of the highest performing bushmaster you will find. No rare or common bushmaster currently on sale can match the combination of high performance upgrades included in this package.

Price: $750 obo for everything

List of all parts installed on the Venom: everything with a asterisk will only fit on a Zenitram Venom and no other bushmaster b/c of the Venoms enlarged HP chamber.

Black to red fade Zenitram Venom Bushmaster
Contour milled body
Polished Bore
Larger high pressure chamber then standard bushmasters
*Zenitram Venom Palmers Pursuit lpr
AKALMP Sidewinder
Freeflow micro rock adjuster knob
Zenitram 15 degree asa
CCM feedneck w/ red clamp
Zenitram magnetic trigger frame
Acid custom magnetic trigger
*Zenitram Venom valve
Zenitram Venom Battery door jewel
Stunna wire harness
2k6 Chaos w/ Vlink
Gauge (not one pictured)
Killa magnetic cocker detent
Stainless micro switch pins (comes out very easily unlike standard pins)
Dye panel grips
Autococker Threads
Stainless Steel Screws

Extra parts included (not installed on the marker): everything with a asterisk will only fit on a Zenitram Venom and no other bushmaster b/c of the Venoms enlarged HP chamber.

New Zenitram valve pin
*Zenitram Venom valve w/ valve pin
Venom Jewel
ICDO Jewel
Ported/polished ram w/ lightened hammer (modded by dyn2liv)
Polished red ram w/ vaporworks hammer
Macdev Ram Guage w macdev mini gauge
1 Xtra Killa magnetic detent
2x brand new solenoids
2 new gaskets
madman Valve springs
Zenitram Venom bolt and Pin
Tantrum Bolt w/ titanium Pin
3x delrin pins
2x complete Stunna wire harness
99% complete oring kit (5 rebuilds I believe)
Ram bumpers

I may have forgot things pictured or not pictured. I will keep this thread as current as I can and post as needed. Feel free to pm me with any of your questions.
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