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And my other...

Marker - Spyder Compact Deluxe Java
-Color - Red and Black
-Barrel - 14" Teardrop
-Regulator - Stock Expansion Chamber w/stock Flash Regulator
-Bolt - Otter's "Poor Man's Lightning Bolt"
-Striker - Polished Stock
-Trigger - Stock TL Mech
-ASA - Stock Flash
-Feedneck - Good ol' powerfeed
-Board - none
-Grips - Cheapo Ebay stickies with timer
-Front block - Stock
-Cupseal - Stock

-Tank - 16 oz Pure Energy CO2
-Hopper - Old school ricochet hopper
Spyder Rodeo
ESP Triggerframe
14" J&J Ceramic Barrel

Kingman Hammer
16" All American Barrel

Tippmann A-5 & Tippmann Prolite
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