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Got some free time, so I gues I'll post the set up.

Marker - Spyder MR1
Barrel - SP Progressive/J&J Ceramic
Trigger - Stock
Bolt - Stock, thinking about polishing/buying ACP bolt
Striker - Stock, thinking about polishing
Feedneck - Stock, gonna buy SPPS' feedneck adapter
Reg - No reg
ASA - Stock
Cup seal - Stock

Tank - PMI 20oz. CO2 Tank
Hopper - Halo TSA Backman
Plastic neck adapter - Broke. See mods
Stock (Shoulder stock) - Gonna mod soon

Well, the plastic neck kept breaking, so I wrapped it in electrical tape so my hopper would stay in there.
I'm gonna take the top piece off my stock, but for now I'm not using it, just because I can see down the top, and it feels way more compact.
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