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Restricted items **UPDATED 4-1-09**

Here is a list of items that are not to be sold on these forums:

- Alcohol
- Firearms
- Explosives
- Sexually explicit material
- Drug related items
- Electronic accounts (Xbox LIVE, WoW, Everquest, etc)
-Medical equipment that touches bodily fluids (needles, probes, other sterile equipment)
-Tattoo equipment that touches bodily fluids (needles)
-Piercing equipment that touches bodily fluids (needles, used piercings)

If it touches the blood, saliva, or body fluids in general do not sell it. This is to prevent the spread of disease and other health issues. Needles can be purchased at Hospitals, medical supply stores, or Tattoo/Piercing parlors that are sealed and sterilized.

The selling of these items on these forums will result in the deletion of your thread and a warning. If you list the same items over again, more drastic measures will be taken. Not listening to these rules can result in you being banned.

We reserve the right to add to this list any time. If you have a question regarding the item you want to sell, please feel free to contact a moderator.

Thank you,

pbreview staff
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