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tell me about the apache
Ricochet state that the loader takes 190 balls - probably a good number to avoid jamming. However, I can get 200 Reballs in one and still have it feed smoothly enough.

It takes two 9 volt batteries.

It weighs 347 grams empty, 438 grams with two batteries installed.

It features a catch cup to sort the balls in to order before the impeller sweeps them over the feed neck.

Older (2004) models feature the original Ricochet "weed whacker line" impeller. In 2005, the Apache was upgraded with a new drive train and a one-piece molded impeller.

Prototypes had a drop test feed rate of 18bps. Ricochet then worked to achieve an extra 2bps (hence the packaging stating 20bps), but ran in to reliability problem. This lead to the early production versions having the feed rate dropped down to 16bps to increase reliability. The upgrades released in 2005 brought the feed rate back up to 18bps while remaining reliable.

The LCD version features a game timer and audio timer warnings. The loader switches off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

The loader uses a number of different diameter o-rings to adjust the width of the feed neck to fit your marker.

It uses a bend sensor in the feedneck to activate the impeller - every time a ball passes the bend sensor, signalling that a ball has been fired and another one fed to tha marker, the impeller spins to replace the ball that has been fed.

Anything else you would like to know?
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