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Whether the Apache is suitable for your Speed or not will depend very much on how fast you can shoot. Honestly, I would feel more comfortable with the HALO B than with the Apache.

Pro and cons?

The Apache is lighter, holds more paint*, has the deflective design, the "adjustable" feed neck, takes two 9 volts, feeds faster than a normal agitated loader, one way ball feed, company provides good service.

On the down side, it won't deflect *every* ball (you'd be surprised how many people complain about that), o-rings on the neck break quite easily, the batteries have a short life, slower than a force fed loader, places no pressure on the ball stack,*the lid is placed at an angle that makes it hard to completely fill the loader in a hurry.

HALO B is faster, places pressure on the ball stack, has good battery life, lots of upgrades available, can be bought with upgraded board and/or a Rip Drive out of the box. It's pretty quiet.

Downsides are that it is big and heavy, takes 6AA batteries, feed neck may need sanding to fit, HALO's have been known to cause double feeding with weak detents, and have been known to cause problems with COPS/Sensi. Some people find it fiddly to take apart and put back together. With several changes in who owns the company, it sometimes hard to get in touch with who you need to to get service.
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