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COMMUNITY THREAD: Ion Settings, Dwell, ROF, Efficiency, Etc.

A shorter, more condensed, amazingly pimptastic version by Hawkeye1050 can be found HERE!!!

Well, a few months ago, there was a mass surge of threads requesting help on setting dwell and ROF. It was at that point that I offered to Uziel Gal to make a sticky for such requests with information on stock settings, efficiency, and of course, adjusting the settings.

Since then, I have had a lot of homework, projects, etc. for school and of course, sports. So I apologize for the delay, although many of you probably don't care. Its now the weekend and I am ready to finish this thing. Sorry this has taken so long.

Lets start out with the multiple purposes of this thread.

  • To eliminate threads asking about what to set dwell, ROF, and other such settings to, and how the process of changing them on your stock board.
  • To inform the newer ion owners of the performance of their new guns on stock settings.
  • To inform the general ion-owning public of what upgrades are the best when increasing efficiency, and how drastically they will affect it.
  • To eliminate threads like "How do I increase my Ion's efficiency?" (goes with the above).
  • To provide multiple links to helpful sites concerning settings.
  • To provide all users a place to post questions about settings, approximate settings, etc. on their own guns, with their own specifics upgrades.
    • E.g. I have an Ion with a Techt L7 Ion Bolt, Smart Parts 360 QEV, Lucky Stage 2 Firing Can, and Lucky Stage 3 Rear Donut. What should I set my settings to and approximately how many shots will I get from a __CI /__PSI Tank?
Now that the purpose has thus been established, I will now include information on how this thread should work.

How This Thread Works:
  • Users read the information provided in this thread and adjust their guns accordingly
  • All questions regarding settings and how to improve them should be posted here
  • Other more-knowing users, mods, and of course, me will provide answers to suggested settings and other questions asked of efficiency and settings. Aftermarket boards are not my forte when asking about settings, lol.
Basically, all this thread is is a guideline on settings and efficiency, and then a sort of sub-forum to accommodate specific questions. It will require some participation on everyone's part to help answer all the questions.

But, let's get started shall we?


Defined as the amount of time the solenoid remains open after the trigger is pulled, allowing air to flow to the essentials. The solenoid is the red coil on your board. In many other guns, the solenoid is contained within a case to prevent damage/dirt contamination. Dwell is measured in milliseconds and is adjustable on the stock board starting at 8ms and then raising .5 ms for every blink up from the bottom. The stock setting for dwell is 52 blinks from the bottom (34 ms). When the solenoid is open, pressurized air flows through it to the bolt, pushing it and the paintball forward. Dwell basically "translates to how long the bolt will stay forward" and to how long it takes the bolt to get there.

When cruising the forums or future responses to this thread, one will notice much attention being paid to achieving the lowest dwell possible. But what does this really do?

Advantages to having a low dwell:
  • Better Efficiency! Think about it, the less time the solenoid has to remain open to fire the paintball, the less air used to complete the operation.
  • More BPS! The less time that the bolt remains forward/takes to fire the ball, the more shots you will achieve in a second.
Disadvantages to having a low dwell:
  • Less consistency. Having too low of a dwell will injure the consistency of your gun.
  • Shootdown/Drop-Off. If you set your dwell too low, you will experience shootdown. Shootdown is an extreme difference in the fps (feet per second) of the paintballs you fire. Basically, if you start walking your trigger, after the first one or two shots, your shots will die. They won't go near as fast as the previous and won't travel nearly as far.
But good news for you! These disadvantages can be completely avoided if you set your dwell properly, which will be explained in the next section....

How to Set Your Marker's Dwell

Here it is, the steps to properly programming your marker's dwell:
  1. Pressurize your gun to 150-180 psi, whatever it's normally at.
  2. Bottom out the dwell on your board.
  3. Gradually increase the dwell of the marker, taking a few shots between adjustments. Increase the dwell until the marker is fully cycling (shots are loud, sound is consistent between them). Please note that with a bone stock ion, you will have to adjust your dwell to a very high number of blinks (48-52 blinks), however with a QEV installed, the dwell is normally around 8-16 blinks from the bottom.
  4. Once you have the gun fully cycling, up the dwell 3-6 blinks to make sure all of your shots will be consistent and you won't suffer from drop-off. Adjust your pressure and make additional changes to dwell at chrono.
(Information on the physical process of setting the dwell- pushing the buttons- can be found at, one of the stickys, or in your ion manual)
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