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Final Comparison

My opinion on this subject is that there is no comparison. The “0” Rule is faster and easier to use. No complicated calculations. Although the two both offer the same performance/speed on the stock board, as the stock board is capped at 17 bps anyway, the “0” Rule is just easier to use, because you only have to adjust your dwell when making changes. You can set your recharge once, and forget about it. On aftermarket boards, I would highly recommend using the “0” Rule, as it allows for maximum bps, and if you want to cap your board, you can do this by simply messing with the bps cap setting. The “0” Rule is just much easier to use and offers more performance than the “48 Rule”. However, in the end, it is YOUR choice. This is MY opinion.

Final Thoughts

That’s about all you are going to need to set your dwell and recharge on your ion. Now, the other idea of this thread was to provide a field where users could ask about settings, recommended settings with certain upgrades, if they’re getting good efficiency numbers, and what sort of efficiency their guns will produce with certain settings off certain tanks. Now before any of you get started, I am going to point out a few more things:
  1. No one can tell you what your dwell should be set at. We can only provide a range derived from the dwells reported from other users. The only true way to find the best dwell for you is to set it yourself, following this guide, or the one found on
  2. Efficiency numbers range from gun to gun. Some people can get their ions to a dwell of 0 on the stock board with a TechT l7 Bolt and Smart Parts 360 QEV, while others may only be able to get a dwell as low as 12 with that set-up. Dwell and efficiency vary from gun to gun. Believe it or not, no gun is the same.
One last thing: I do not want this turning into a product comparison thread. Users may offer their opinions on what set-ups are the best, but I do NOT want to see a bunch of questions such as, “Does Bolt A or Bolt B offer better efficiency?” and “Which QEV performs the best out of all the ones available?” That’s what the reviews are for, and such questions have most likely been asked a thousand times in the past. Search first. If you end up uncertain, then we may field such questions.

I also will not be talking about the efficiency gains from the Lucky MAC Solenoid as of now, because I really haven’t heard much about this, and I believe that any gains reported are not large enough to worry about. I don’t even know if such claims are true, as Lucky says nothing about this solenoid offering better efficiency. I will mention that this solenoid however, is faster than the stock solenoid, uses less power, has metal barbs, and a greater flow than stock. At least this is what Lucky and the maker of the solenoid say. Oh, and I am boycotting Lucky products due to the closing of the U.S. branch. I will only use products from Lucky originating from before this move. This move has left the great people we loved at Lucky jobless and in distress. It has also somewhat screwed over some customers. I am sorry if you disagree with my opinion on this.

Special Thanks

I would like to offer my special thanks to Kolder from PbNation, Uziel Gal from here on PBReview, and to Ydna and his website for providing much of this information. Their knowledge just blows my mind. Keep up the good work guys.
--ghtpDM5 for the link to the Warpig site--
--And lastly, Hawkeye1050, for his shorter version he posted before me.--

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