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Originally Posted by xxxnewjerseyxxx View Post
Now, this is what my two friends claim. I am not saying i believe them, then again, i'm not going to say i don't, considering they are half-retarded.

Teammate Dan just bought his pmr and decided to check out the board. he ends up pulling a wire and the grip frame just starts sparking and flaming.
He ended up getting a new one, but still, that's ridiculous.

I just bought my pmr a few days ago and used it at my local field. It shot extremely well, it's range was very appealing, and it was very accurate.
Unfortunately, and as stated above, all matrixs are major gas hogs. I was refilling my 47/3000 crossfire after every game, shooting only two hopperfulls.
This is true, but i dont know about the sparking (retarded may be a good word for "Teammate Dan"). Pulling a wire would only cut the power, not casue it to short out. But on my PMR, the first time i removed the board i accidentally ripped a batter wire out, because it was very poorly attached. I informed Proto and within a week i had a new harness, which has thicker wires and less excess wiring. This new one fits great, and is very sturdy. And I would check for leaks or maybe a bad dwell setting, since i can shoot about 800 shots on a full 48ci 3k with my PMR.
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