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-Model -e99 avant
-Color -Black
-Barrel - 14" teardrop
-Regulator -cp shorty
-Bolt -stock (heavily modded though, see below)
-Striker -stock
-Trigger -shocktech stick
-ASA -32*
-Feedneck -stocktech aluminum
-Board -stock
-Grips -stock
-Front block/VA -Stock
-Drop Forward- 32* flame drop (not to fond of it now, but it looked cool on my 98c)


-Tank - Pe 48/3000
-Hopper - evo II

Custom modifications

*polished bolt & internals+no more venturi
*stock bolt modded to top cocking (rear cocking lever is gone... bolt is 1/3 lighter now)
*dremmeled out slot for the top cocking knob (which at this moment is a 1/4" bolt that didn't have threads on 3/4 of it... workin great)

pmi spring kit
black 98c
14" boomy
14" excel
polished internals
dbl trigger
shocktech dropforward
xpansion chamber
pmi coiled remote
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