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but the diff Freak is tha i juse ruan a .692 back and don't bother matching paint so that does effect it slightly.... when i used my friends barrel kit and matched paint one day i was doing 297+/-2 but he difference in actually playing ability has yet to justify me buying a kit since i really love my ultralight barrel... althought i might buy the .688 back for it too and just see how that shoots... either way 290 +/- 4 is fine with me 95% of the time since i don't consistanly play competative atm i just practice with local teams
So if it's all the player and the gun doesn't really matter... how come none of the pro's use a (insert your crappy gun here)?

Proto Matrix Rail
NDZ slik trigger and NDZ feedneck
Shocktech on/off ASA and rail
Dye UL barrel
Dye aluminum back cap
Halo B with rip drive and v35 board
68/4500 Pure Energy HPA with Empire cover
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