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Taking Apart The Grip Frame & Removing The Valve

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if you damage your Fusion from following the instructions listed below. If you are in doubt, contact Dangerous Power customer service or your local proshop for assistance.

Removing The Grip Frame

1. Open the left side grip panel. Carefully remove the connectors to the eyes and solenoid.

2. Flip the Fusion upside down. You should be able to see 2 small screw holes, one in the back and one in just in front of the trigger. Unscrew these screws using one of the supplied allen wrenches, until the grip frame is apart from the body.

3. Carefully separate the frame from the body, taking care not to damage the eye & solenoid wiring/connectors.

Removing the Valve

Before taking things apart to remove the valve, there are a few additional steps:

1. Remove the Bolt, Ram assembly & LPR.

2. Take the grip frame apart using the instructions above

3. You will see a large set screw just in front of the solenoid, in the middle of the frame. Remove this screw using the supplied 5/32 allen wrench.

4. Carefully push out the valve with a squeegee or another long, preferably soft object.

To put the valve back:

1. Insert the valve with the flat side facing down.

2. Carefully push the valve in until the hole on the valve lines up with the set screw hole on the body.

3. Screw in the set screw which holds the valve in place.

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