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watch out for

already posted in another forum but was referred to put it in this thread...

"this is my first post on this forum and I hate it that it has to be a rant. But, in the interests of saving you guys (and girls) the same frustration I have been dealing with I figured I would give you a heads up on an online retailer that has had over a month and a half to send my purchases AFTER paying for them." = crooks. plain and simple

here is a copy of the email(s) that I sent to them after the purchase was made.

Mar 1
to whom it may concern,

just wondering what the merchant name is associated with your online
store. I was going through my wamu account trying to follow up on a
purchase i recently made and couldn't figure it out according to the
name on the transaction record.



order expertshot-XXXX from Expertshot
Mar 19
Thank you again for your order from
Please use the link provided below to check the status of your order.
Order status is updated as soon as that information becomes available.

The following items have been shipped to:

castro valley CA 94546 US United States

using UPS Ground

You can always find out the current status of your order by going to

Name Code Qty Each Options
Ariakon Sim4 Mag Kit ASMK 1 69.99
Subtotal 119.98
Shipping 12.50
Tax 0.00
Total 132.48

This completes your order. Thank you for shopping with us.

Mar 19
To Whom it may Concern,

I sent your company an email on March 1, 2007 regarding the purchase I
made on February 22, 2007. To date I have not been sent a reply
regarding this email, nor the two calls I placed to your office. I
did however receive an email notification today, that the product I
ordered a month ago was

Per your website, refunds are accepted within 15 days of the original
purchase, however I had not received any notification, nor the
product(s), within those 15 days. So I would ask that the date of
purchase be pro-rated to reflect the truancy of the processing of my
order and the date by which it will arrive. Furthermore, if this
product has not yet shipped I would like my order cancelled
immediately and a refund made to my card. I have already placed a
call with Mastercard and Washington Mutual so they are well aware of
the terms and conditions and my grievance.

If this is not done I will file a complaint with my bank which will in
turn file a complaint with Mastercard Merchant Services.

In closing, this is by far the worst online experience I have ever
had. I expect that this issue will be resolved promptly.



Mar 19
I apologize, the calls or emails never got to my level. I actually do
believe this has already shipped prior to this email. I will get you
a tracking number asap.

Once again I apologize and will compensate you for your loss.

Skylar Limkemann
Sales Manager

Mar 20

Thanks so much for the reply. I usually have a pretty high threshold
for issues like this and would prefer to have a more favorable
relationship with stores, such as yours, that provide great products
at great prices. But in trying to get a hold of you I spoke with
Mastercard and they had no merchant contact information for your
account. Washington Mutual stated that the charge went through
"expert carwash" so perhaps you can empathize with the frustration I
was having after being charged for an item but not receiving the
product in a timely manner.

If the item has already shipped then I will take it down to the post
office to have it returned. Or, if you can call UPS, give them the
tracking number and have them cancel the order mid-route the product
will make it back to your business without any further delay.

As far as compensation goes, I have already referred a couple of
friends, from the field as well as in the forums, to your site because
of the great prices you offer. However, I have already received both
a mag kit and suppressor directly from Ariakon within the last two
weeks. But getting back to my own endorsement of your site, I do not
want them to have the same experience. Nor do I want to negatively
impact traffic to your online store. As I stated earlier, your prices
are very competitive and I am always willing to support businesses
that reward those of us that seek out great deals. I am an avid
milsim and woodsball player out here in the SF Bay Area, a 4th year at
UC Berkeley, so I play with a lot of people that don't quite
represent the stereotypical player.

In closing, despite this first issue, your prices are still lower than
a lot of other outlets and I wanted to know how fast you could ship
two tiberius arms tac-8 mags.

Thanks again for your email.



Mar 26

It has been a week since your last email without any follow up to my
reply or a tracking number for the order. In your last email you made
mention of compensation for my inconvenience. At a minimum, that
compensation should have come in the form of prioritizing my order and
taking ownership of this problem. None of this has happened.

My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx; I expect a call no later than end of
business Tuesday. If I do not hear from you AND receive a faxed copy
of my refund by 5pm (PST) Tuesday, March 27, 2007 I will initiate a
fraud investigation with my bank as well as Mastercard.

I will give you my fax number as soon as I hear from you. I will be
unavailable between 11am PST and 2pm PST.

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