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Originally Posted by A Vicious Hobo View Post
Here's a tip: If you have enough money and don't want to risk getting ripped off or unhappy, DON'T BUY A USED MARKER. Period. The person who is getting rid of it is getting rid of it because they didn't like something about it. You probably won't like that same thing that they hated. Unless the person is just getting out of the sport, there is a chance that there could be something wrong with the marker.

If you have enough money, just buy a new marker from a trusted source, so you don't have to go through the headaches I went through earlier.
i would agree with this for the most part but with markers becoming more and more complicated and the sport of paintball getting more and more popular you have a lot of people that get in over their heads when maintaining their guns. what i've seen happen more often than not is that a noob goes and buys a gun, uses it until it malfunctions, doesn't know how to work on it and doesn't want to pay for it to be serviced so he/she gets out of the sport and sells their equipment.

this is especially true with the scenario markers since a lot of guys that are attracted to the aesthetics of the markers don't have a basic understanding of how to maintain the marker. so you'll see a bunch of them hit ebay at the end of the season or just before it starts. it's a great way to pick up an expensive (imho ariakon's rock) marker for pennies on the dollar.

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