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Ill go first. I HAVE: 05/06 Parts only
Silver Parts (Dust)
I have (not to be confused with gun metal grey, very silver almost white)
1 Silver Clamping feedneck
2 silver Nexus Eye covers
1 silver ram cap
1 silver LPR

Black parts (Dust)
1 Black stock feedneck
2 Black stock Eye covers
1 black ram cap
1 Black LPR
1 Black Stock trigger
1 Black Stock Trigger frame W/board or with out you choose

Gun metal grey parts (dust)
1 Gun metal Grey Stock Feedneck
2 Gun metal Grey stock eye covers
1 Gun metal Grey ram cap
1 Gun metal grey LPR
1 Gun metal grey stock trigger frame w/board or with out you choose

ok now LOOKING FOR: 05/06 parts only
RED dust or pollished dosent matter i want:
Red clamp neck or stock one
Red nexus eye covers or stock
red ram cap
red LPR
Red trigger frame w/ or with out board

basically any red parts if you want to trade for any other *Gun metal grey* parts PM me Thank you
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