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Arrow Emster needs to chill

This sounds kinda funny to me, because Emster is talking like he owns his field, and his 'gun is the bomb, and he have madd skillz, plus how everyone else is all clueless, but at the same time he spent his hard earned $$$ (cha-ching) on a SPYDER ???!!! This electro marker craze is all good, but a spyder is a spyder, regardless if it has a mouse-button trigger (which the em1 lacks anyways). Those things break down more than a pinto, and they're FUGLY as UCK!! It looks like a pregnant TL+. Now, I cant say much bad about the warp feed, but its seriously not all that. Whoever posted the message about keeping your hopper inside the bunker is using his head, which doesn't take $175.00. But hey, its all about how you shoot anyways, right? Oh wait, if my make my cradle green, maybe it'll balance out my green hopper, and thatll make my gun more steady, and ill buy a green...
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-Gen X Reg
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-Skillz to pay the Billz
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