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Well okay.... I've actually decided to return my XL pants and get XXL pants. So this'll be my second return. It's a little better than the L ones I first got, but I'd like them to be a little looser. When I mean looser I mean like snowboard pants puffy loose.

I don't know how else to describe it though. It's almost as if the L and XL are identical, except with a wider waist. I need the bottom of the pants to be wider TOO!! But the end is still tapered off with the same inseam and it's annoying the hell out of me.

XL will probably fit you fine, with a little looseness. But if you want straight and baggy pants, it would probably have to be XXL. That's what I'm planning on doing now. As a general rule of thumb, for Proto 07 clothing, ALWAYS choose one size larger than you normally wear. You won't regret it at all.

To answer some of your other questions: Yes, there are adjustable velcro straps (left and right) along the waist. There's also sort of an adjustable draw string (with velcro tab to hold it in place) along the ankle area, to close off the bottom of each leg and prevent any mud from kicking up.

Sadly I can't find either a tape measure or ruler around for the hand or glove measurements. But I can say that a size L glove will fit almost any average male adult. I've got some pretty big hands and they fit perfectly. If I have some time later on I could take a picture, with a coin on the side for scale comparison or something.
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