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Wouldnt let me edit my last one so

2002 Angel LCD
Lucky Board
Predator Odin Chip (Soon to be full 10.0 Code updated)
Trinity T-lock Feedneck
FBM Delrin Trigger
Soft Face Bolt
Dual Volumizers
Dye Site Rail
KAPP Pull Knob
Contract Killer Sticker
Contract Killer LCD window Cover (I have multiple that is just what is in it now)
AGD Flatline 68/3000 Adjustable Tank

I am going to get some Black Dark Seoul LCD grips as soon as he makes them.

My 05 Speed with all the new ups (feedneck, volys, etc.), will have predator board, once they get off of backorder.

I will have more in a few days... Just need to get the camera and take some more pictures... maybe with the barrel and hopper on it.
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