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Could you guys help me pick out a pants size that would fit me, but leave room for me to grow into? I don't want to but pants now, and then like 5 months later or even next year buy new ones since they don't fit. I got my Dye c7 jersey, medium, it fits and leaves room for me. So that's good. Now I need to buy some pants, im looking into the dye c6 pants since they're only 65$ now I think. Im 5'1 and a half, and I'm 109 lbs. I don't have skinny thighs or legs, I'm fat, I'm average, or between average and fat. I'm a little bulky down there and a belly, but not a really big one. I might burn it off soon since I'm getting into running and stuff. Well anyways, I don't want to grow out of my pants since I'm sure im contueing til grow since Im only 13. Could you guys help me pick out a nice size for the Dye c6 that would fit me nicely, leave room to grow, and wont have me dragging them everywhere since they are too long.


I also don't know my waiste size since I dont have measuring tape, or really know how to tell.
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ugh, 13 year old buying his own paintball gear. but i will prevale!

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