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P'Ballin OG'r (RIP OG)
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Location: E.Ontario, Canada
"Long Tr'ang"

"White Feather" - due to the feather he kept in his hat. Knocked a VC mule off a bicycle at over 2000 yds with a modified .50 cal machine gun equipped with a scope.

One Shot One Kill - Good book...

Just another oldschool rec/woodsballer who started with a Splatmaster...The hook was well set.

Tippmann Pro-E/"Winpex"/Razzor barrels/Cyclone feed/X7 hopper/Coil remote w QD+SC/24 oz co2/Tacamo carstock/custom foregrip/raised rail/Tasco reddot 1x30

WGP Prostock '04
50/3000 Worrgas HPA
Ricochet Apache
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