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And For us that haven't caught up to the times:

Shocker DS Board 4x4:
has Dome switch, not microswitch.
used Dip Switches to set timing.
Adjustable 8.75-11.25bps
Has low battery LED, on front.
No on/off switch.
Uses smart parts proprietary battery

Shocker DS Turbo:
Same as 4x4 board except the dip switch can also engage turbo mode.
Turbo mode is capped at 9bps.

Shocker DS s/f board:
same as 4x4 except, has toggle switch in front with 3 positions.
full left was 3 shot burst, middle is semi, and right is full auto
S/F modes are capped at 10bps

Shocker LS 4x4 Boards:
These use a lighter microswitch.
These have two pots that control timing.
These have one pot for ROF, asjustable 9-13bps
These boards have an on/off switch, on the side of the board.
There is an LED on the Side that blinks when fired.

Shocker LS Turbo:
same as LS except has a turbo switch on the front
also has a pot to control turbo speed 6-9bps

KM2 Glacier boards:
available in 2 versions normal and AT for advanced timing
Has power switch that is in front (same location as S/F switch or turbo LS)
Normal uses dip switches to set timing
AT uses dip switches or trigger pulls to set timing
Rof mainly limited by physical limitations, expect 11-13 max

KM2 Morlock
Universal but, popular in shockers.
Must use dual solenoid version
timing controlled through trigger pulls
uses 9v battery normall unlike other boards
Supports breakbream or reflective eyes
Physical limitations place max rof 11-13bps
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