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I have that book! It's awesome... sort of (didn't quite dig the "Banshee" lady too much). Anyways, I agree to some of the previous statements made on the very first thread. One can take targets from afar, however, it might not always be on the first shot due to the horrible characteristics of CO2 (and air in general). All in all it comes down to really knowing your marker and how comfortable you are with it. I know that my marker will shoot a ball with a slight hook to the rite every now and then, so I adjust and hope the first shot will be my best from the outside factors I've (hopefully) added into my ball placement.
Also, I think some people in this thread are a bit too into this whole "sniping deal." NONE OF YOU ARE SNIPERS AND NEITHER AM I. If any of you are/were a USMC Sniper then a tip-of-the-cap to you, sir. The rest of you are just people who look like snipers that can shoot a ball a bit further than the next guy.
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