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OK, either this will get stickyed or this will get deleted. Most people would say that this is all common sense, but apparantly it is NOT because they are the main reasons people are getting their gear stolen.

1. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MARKER LAYING AROUND WHEN YOU GET AN AIR REFILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 of the last 3 threads were the same thing "I layed my marker down and went to get an air refil and when i came back it was gone" Pick up your marker and take it with you, its not that difficult.

Look at it this way... Would you leave $800 laying out in front of 2 dozen strangers and simply walk away? NO!!! So why would you leave a $500-$800 marker laying around and walk away?!?

2. Spend $40 and get a good locking Storage container. That way your masks, gloves, markers, parts, tanks, etc... are secure and locked up if you do want to walk away from them.

There are several people at my field that have lockboxes with steel cable lanyards so they can not only lock up their gear, but they can secure it to the picnic tables so no one simply picks up the lockbox and walk away with it.

3. Storing gear in vehicles... If you store you marker gear in your vehicle all the time STOP DOING THIS!!! if people find out, your car will get broken into.

When you have your gear in your vehicle do not put it somewhere that it will not be visible from the outside (on the seat, on the rear seat) If someone walks by and see's that nice shiny timmy or cocker, you are almost always going to come back to a brick through the window and missing gear.

Put the equipment in your trunk, or under a seat where you can't see it. If you have a lockbox with a teather like i've already suggested, teather the box to the seat mounts so the box cannot be removed.

4. Take out a camera and take several pics of your marker with all its gear (aka hopper, bottle, etc...) Take a picture with you holding it, then take a picture of the SERIAL NUMBER!!!! then write the serial number down and store the pics and the serial number in a safe place. That way if your marker does get stolen, you can prove that its yours, and you have pictures to show people exactly what it looks like.

5. Take out a etcher and etch your name or initials on your marker.This doesn't even have to be on the outside of the marker, break it down and etch it somewhere on the inside that isn't going to hurt anyone. This way you have a mark hidden or visible that will once again prove that its your marker. (i have a 98C and i have my name etched on the handle frame under the rubber grips so if its stolen the person won't know its marked, but when i find it and take off the rubber grip there's the proof that its mine)

Hopefully people read this and actually listen. If more people would follow these 5 items there would be alot less posts in this forum, and i'm sure of those who would still post, more people would be getting their markers back.

Heres another, At tournaments we always have and extra person who fills pods between games, they watch our stuff and provide a pressence. Also look out for people who arent regulars, they will most likely be stealing your stuff.
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