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Psycho, im a lil confused on the #15 part about lubing (me asking questions, imagine that )

So you wipe down your internals, put em back, put 3-4 drops of oil on punc. pin, screw on 12 gram, take off barrel, and fire a few times.

-Do you wipe the internals COMPLETELY dry (i accidently did that and now my pump stroke is rough and i feel alotta resistance on the bolt with the body)
-Do you put any oil on the internal's directly or only via asa? As stated, mine is kinda rough, and i feel i should lube the actual internals, and not just the asa. or is the asa enough?
-And how do you know if you over lubed? i read on a review some guy overlubed his internals, causing sludge which made his velocity fluctuate alot. As long as i apply a thin film (or only using a few drops, whichever you are supposed to do) i should be ok, right?
-and am i in trouble because i havnt lubed my gun once and its getting kinda rough and performance is slightly deteriorating? Or will lubing the parts up fix the accuracy/roughness of bolt and pump and any other problems?

Lets see how long it takes the guru to answer these q's Thanks in advance, and lol i think im the only person on these boards that can find ways to create problems with a phantom
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