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Originally Posted by Psycho_warden View Post
Davinci, thanks for the updates. I had no idea that the CCM kit was discontinued...bummer. I'm updating the FAQs now.

The resistance and roughness doesn't sound good. Take your Phantom apart and check for any burrs or imperfections on the internals and body.

If there are none, wipe the internals clean, and put a drop of regular paintball oil, and rub it around on the part with your fingers, do that for every part.

Once you have done that, put the internals back in, and re-assemble the marker. Pump the marker a few times, without air, to kind of spread the oil. After you have done this, put a few drops of the same oil on the puncture pin/ASA and attach your airsource. Then remove the barrel and fire the marker a few times.

If that does not fix your problem, post here or drop me a PM.
Aiite thanks abunch bro. Ill try this as soon as i get oil, which will be a few days. I'll let you know how it goes then (it is in the mail right now, i just ordered it, along with my sweet black and blue grillz and dual redz swabs). So i guess one drop on each part of the internals, as in 1 drop on bolt, 1 drop on the spring, and 1 drop on the hammer/sear or whatever it is called? And will i need to lube the long tube that is on the back half of the body, (where the 3 internals go on to, and i am pretty sure that is where the propulsion for the paintball comes from with the gas) on the outside and inside of it, or will the drops on the asa (how many? 3-4?) do the trick for lubing that part?

thanks abunch psycho, you are always a big help
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