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Originally Posted by ilikepaintball7 View Post
i have 2 questions. does the pmr run on lp tanks or hp tanks?
number 2. when screwin in my tank, do i need to adjust anything before i put it in or just screw it in. i dont wanna mess anything up but im guessing just screw it in.
it will run on either but hp is better
and for if you have to ajust anything the rail is set to go out of the box

Originally Posted by Mephisto21 View Post
quick question and sorry if this is on another thread. how hard is it to put the dye UL Frame on. i know it is kind of a newbie question, but i don't want to mess up my gun.
its as simple as taking the old one off unhook the eyes and noid then re hook them up to the ul board and put the new frame on
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