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i thank you all for the good info

was playing today with some good players that are ****s

we had all the nebbies pluse me and my friend and the other team had all upgraded guns compares to are syders to there
mags and cockers pluse experaced guys

well to the piont
i relly dident care because i gust one of thouse player gust wonting to play. every game we would lose with the same people in. we are all having a good time but then the other team has to start saying that we suck and that made the game of paintballing not the same because all the newbies all wert having fun because of theres hot headed @@@@ head guys saying that they sucked and talking **** making there small ego fell biger even though its not for what they where doing

all i got to say is when its a rec game make it fare and try to have fun even if you are loseing(only incerage people dont bring them down)

paly with good sportsmenship and to me if your like that you your slef well get better each game(if your having fun you well get better)

if i ever started an team i would have people that gust wonted to play for the fun and not the win
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