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Cocker Threads thread

This thread is the end to the question of ''What size threads are *insert part here* on my cocker"

This is a list of every part that screws onto a cocker and what size threading it uses (This list is based on WGP Bodies, some cheaper cockers may be different; such as PyshcoBallistics):

3way or 5way solenoid cover- 15/32"-32
Barrel- 15/16"-20 Oversize GH-7
Banjo Bolts- 1999 and earlier: 3/8"-24; 9/16"-24 in 2000 and newer
Cocking rod- 10-32 on both ends
Detent- 3/8"-24
Eblade trigger stop set screws- 6-32
Ebade eye cover secrew- 4-40
Frame mount screws- 10-32
FRM Screw- 1/4''-28 UNF w/ a 1/4" 12point star socket head
Hammer (Nylon Setscrews)- 10-32
IVG- 3/4"-16
Lug- 1/4"-28 x 1/2 inch long
LPR- 1/8"-27 NPT
LPR Barbs- 10-32
Ram Barbs- 10-32 and 6-32
Ram Shaft- 6-32
PumpArm- 10-32
Timing rod coupler set screws - 6-32
Valve locking nut- 5/16"-24 1/4inch long setscrew
Valve jam nut- 5/8"-18 5/16" hollow lock screw

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