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Exclamation Know of a Paintball Field and Store for Sale

I was just informed of a store and field that is for sale. I would love to buy it, but I'm to young and mom wouldn't be very happy with the Credit Card bill. I was wondering if there was any one who would want to buy it. They told me they are just getting to busy and they want to do other things. It's a great field and store and I'd hate to see it go. The people said they are willing to let it go for a reasonable price. They have almost 30 acres with woods and a speedball course. They really want to keep it if no one else wants it cause it's a great field.

They are in Minnesota so if any one would like there # I can ask if they'll let me put it on here. They would like to keep it running cause it is the only field in our area and is very cool. Their shop is the best I have been to and I've been to about 20 different ones in Minnesota.

I haven't been able to go help them out cause my home work is crazy right now, but when I get a little older I want to help or something cause their field is great.
Oh have I said their field is great. Anyway,
I hope I put this in the right forum.
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