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Now, I'll give you my brief story, even though I got a Vlocity, it will still be similar to other force feeds.

I had an Apache, with the 2005 ups, but on semi, I was able to cap it. I would hit around 13 bps consistantly, and hit higher spikes. However, I couldn't go that much higher, maybe to 14 due to the hopper. Also, my Apache blended paint terribly, but anyway, I got a Vlocity. It is so much more consistant, able to feed 15 consistantly, but I haven't tried it faster yet. I use it with no tension most of the time, but it hardly ever skips on semi. When I use it with minimal tension, I could not get it to skip on semi. I used 15 bps ramping as a test too, and it shot perfect, I think there was only 1 minor skip. In conclusion, if you shoot around 13 bps, I would recommend a force feed hopper.
One Ion owner that used another kind of "Slick Honey" on his gun...
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I used the honey from the bear container and mixed it with water to make it slick. Is that bad?
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