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My opinion

Me, being a dedicated woodsballer, have seen dozens of people who think they are snipers.

I have even tried to be a sniper, dedicated long hours to training on concealment and good shooting. Nonetheless I failed miserably in becoming a sniper.

The people I see call themselves snipers because they have an A-5 with a scope, a long barrell, and a stock on it. These are not snipers.

I do not deny the existence of snipers but most people who try fail, unfortunatly most consider themselves good. Until they face an actual sniper.

The easiest way to tell a snipe from a wannabe is to get your local sniper (everyone has one handy) and let them face off in the woods. The better sniper wil win. That is unless the wannabe just sprays and prays, which will denote their non-sniperism.

True snipers keep their heads under fire. Unlike normal players, most of whom would fire as quickly as posssible in the general direction of the enemy. Snipers will calmly look towards where the balls are coming from and cooly pluck off a shot or two to instantly silence the enemy.

Thats my opinion, thank you for reading, any questions about certain aspects of my discussions PM me. Thanks.
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