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Instead of trying to be all stealthy using lone wolf tactics that wont benifit the team divide your team into groups of 2-3 and generally 2-6 people per group, depending on how many people are playing. for instance make a attacker group, a group of guys who are good runners and used to fighting in close quarters, aka front players, a support group, a bunch of guys who like to waste lots of paint on targets, back players for instance. have the attacker group advance in front with the support group following behind when the attacker goup is engaged in combat move your support in and have em pump out all the fire they got on enemy postitions, keeping there heads down and them fixed in there postition, wile this is happening your attacker team should be flanking, wiping out the other teams players. try it works great for me.EDIT almost forgot if your playing a woods game with low visibility u might want to make a 3rd group a recon team whos sole purpose is to detect enemy postitions so your attacker team doasnt get ripped to shreads in a ambush/ obviosly you would use players who like being stealthy and this group would be 2 players max

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