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Talking The Fish of Destiny

Here she is, my trusty Pro TS G3. I've stuck with this baby since 2002. Fairly consistent, doesn't break paint, and very gas efficient. I had a lot of fun tweaking her.

I bought my own crony to help me get this thing dialed in just right. That maddman rocket valve outperformed the AKA Tornado Valve in terms of efficiency. With a few tweaks of the rocket valve, I got this thing at 285fps at 250psi. I was running the AKA Valve at 310psi at 260fps.

She is barely stock. Changes include: Palmer Fatty Stabilizer LP Reg, Boss Bolt, Check It Assault Block, Check It Super Speedy Drop Forward, Macroline, Palmer LP Guage, E-Force Aluminum Trigger Frame, Boss Blade Trigger, 14" Tear Drop Barrel, Chameleon Spring Kit, Flush Cocking, and Boss Hardened Ball Detent.

You might say the only upgrade I haven't made yet is the hammer. However, I did get that Dark Horizon Titanium Hammer and it only gave me recocking problems. To go LP, every change you make must work together, and the lighter striker seemed to really screw up the equation. I've stuck with my stock Hammer, it works tons better for LP.
Kickin' it man!

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