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Story Telling

This is just a quick reminder to all the story tellers out there. This forum is to run just like all the rest, no spamming and no flaming. I will not tolerate anymore threads that turn into flamefests or babbling ramblings of spamazoids, these will lead to banville for the guily parties!

And if you want to earn my respect as well as the majority of the real paintballers out in the real world. Don't brag about being stupid! Don't get me wrong, everybody is entitled to make a mistake once in awhile. However I don't want to read about someone doing something they know is wrong, or breaking the law, or doing something that reflect on paintballers that is just plain stupid. There are alot of people just waiting to take paintball away from us, they will read about little Johnny Moron shooting cars or vacant houses and think that all of us are thugs.

Another topic is slammin Newbies, Remember we all were new once. Try showing alittle kindness instead of slammin!

These kinds of posts will be deleted and a very strong action will be taken against the authors!
Morde Sordom
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