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Originally Posted by heysueskreesto2 View Post
Stock Ion Settings

It is recommended that you keep a performance stock ion at where it is under the settings. The dwell is set to 52 blinks when you buy the gun, and the most you'll be able to lower that is a few blinks, not enough to make a difference/worry about it/offer an up in performance. The stock settings work perfectly fine and changing your dwell may cause you some shootdown problems. My recommendation is to keep the settings where they are. The most you can do really is just bottom out the ROF.

**NOTE**: If anyone finds anything wrong with this thread (bad info), please inform me, either here, or by PM. It has been looked over by me and Uziel, so it should be pretty good. Thanks for your help and future cooperation.

Oh, and by the way, bacon wrapped steak filets are just plain delicious.

When I first bought my Ion I was very confused about the settings (and until I read this, I still was to be quite honest) so I called the SP tech dept and the rep on the other end of the line told me that the best setting for a stock Ion running on HPA was with a dwell of 35 blinks. I don't know if this is exactly correct or not, but that was the word from SP. Also, I was wondering if going through the trouble of getting a new bolt and QEV (which I was planning on doing within the week) is really even worth it without getting a new board. Besides increasing the marker's effiency, and therefor increasing the ammout of shots you can take with one tank fill, you can't do much else, right? No matter what, the gun will still be limited at 17bps on a stock board. So what's the point? I'm not trying to bash, or complain or anything. My point is more or less, to ask if making these upgrades (the bolt/qev) are really even worth it if you don't make the jump to a better board.
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