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Originally Posted by heysueskreesto2 View Post
I'm not sure on the 35 blinks thing, but coming from a tech, I can see that as a reliable source. I personally would not change it, but if someone in here would like to try and find the lowest dwell setting for a stock ion, then that would be nice and we could ammend that part.

As for the bolt and QEV upgrades, the two things do have other added bonuses. I mean, we could argue either way that the marker needs no upgrades as 15 bps is all you need, honestly. But the QEV not only allows for a lower dwell to increase bps and efficiency, it allows acts as a grease trap for your gun. Excess lube that would have gone down into the solenoid and such is instead released through the QEV to provide easier cleaning. If youre ok with a little lower efficiency/higher dwell and doing a bit more cleaning on your gun every once in awhile (its not that often), then you don't have to buy the QEV. But for $20, this little piece is a steal. I do recommend when upgrading your marker that you buy the necessities first, such as a trigger, feedneck, and ASA, but when you get down to performance, unless something is really screwed up/a lemon and you need to replace it, the QEV is going to be your best bet for first place.

A new bolt also helps increase efficiency through sealing the dump chamber (dual tail orings). But added perks are much less kick and smoother operation. Some bolts may be quieter when firing as well.

So yes, in my opinion, the two upgrades are worth the money without a new board. But it all bubbles down to what is important to you

But, do remember that upgrading your gun is your choice. If you're happy where you are, then you dont have to go and buy these parts, they are just suggestions for the future .

Duely noted. I did however, go out and get the QEV and a Tech T L6 bolt (I was planning on getting the upgrades for the sheer sake of getting more shots per fill, I was just curious what other gains could be had through these upgrades) and I tweeked my marker as per the instructions listed here. I did however, notice two things. One being the marker actually seemed louder, but that could just me the acoustics. But the one that did actually concern me was the fact that I dropped my Rate Of Fire (or recharge) to zero (I'll get to this in a second) and turned my dwell down to about 19 clicks, and figured I would work up or down from there as needed. The bolt didn't consistantly cycle untill I got to either 23 or 24 clicks. This number seems a bit high for what I've been reading and the upgrades I've put into the marker. I also properly lubed all of the O-Rings on the bolt, so it isn't friction that was holding the bolt back. So, I'm really not too sure what is up with that.
But yeah, back to the rate of fire thing... I turned my Rate of Fire down all the way to zero (as per the "rule of zero" which I found made the most sense) does this mean that I turned the recharge to zero, or that I was actually turning the rate of fire down by increasing the recharge. That little point has me a bit confused... but yes that's where I stand. I appreciate the advice you've already given me and I'd be quit happy with a little further clarification. Thanks.

EDIT: It occured to me that the sound from the marker may have actually been louder and not just the acoustics. I was thinking, and I haven't adjusted the input pressure at all after making these modifications. I'm running somewhere in the ballpark of 140-160 psi. This may or may not be hot for the upgrades I've made. I know I should lower the pressure at least a little but I'm not sure how much.
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