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The marker seeming louder can be considered normal. Many people when they install QEVs notice a slight increase in sound, plus the new bolt may be making a different sound than stock.

as per recharge, this is a very confusing subject and even sometimes I find myself bewildered
try following these instructions to bottom your recharge:

In the manual the "Recharge" setting is labeled as the ROF setting. We now refer to it as recharge because it is a better explanation of what the actual setting does. In short Recharge is just an amount of time added to the dwell time to determine how fast the gun can be shot.

The higher you set the recharge setting the lower the Rate of Fire will be. The lower you set the Recharge setting the higher the Rate of Fire will be.

In the case of the stock board settings, you would lower recharge to it's lowest possible setting and the board will be capped at a Maximum Rate of Fire of 17bps.

The exact instructions of capping the board at 17 bps(Keep in mind the stock board has been set by SP to shoot no faster then 17bps).
  1. Open the guns grips and press the gray Programming button.
  2. Push the gray programming button until you reach the Single Blink Red setting.
  3. Now push the power button multiple times until the yellow led in the grip frame stops blinking.
  4. To exit the programming mode, push the trigger once. After pushing the trigger, turn the board off to save the settings. If you pull the battery, the new setting will revert back to whatever it was last set to.
im going to add this to the top post to help stop confusion

this part of the manual is confusing
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