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I don't believe there are any real distinguishable differences in the stock board from the UL board. They have the same caps, same settings. Although adjustment is different and it can be maximized using different chips, for the most part it is only the placement and security of the UL board. Personally, I never felt a need to buy a UL frame. It's ugly and I don't need a new board. Plus, it still doesn't give enough room to put in a RF harness. NDZ makes a Pro-Lite frame (which is actually LIGHTER than the UL by a few grams) and has a much sweeter trigger guard and different mounting holes for grips.
not true. I have the ultralite frame with the pulse rf chip fits in the same place as the stock frame. Ultralite frame also comes with the best grips made. I cannot say this enough. People buy the hybrid grips for the look and i bought them also. I was very disapointed they were very hard cheap plastic and in no way are formed to your hand. If you hold any gun with dye sticky grips it may not look that great but it feels great. Buy dye sticky grips for every frame. Ultralite frame also gives your 4 trigger adjustments insted of 2. And prolite frame is only a few grams lighter but it has no board grips or trigger. The ultralite is weighd as it comes. Looks are just looks i think prolites are ugly. Also they dont have the same settings. Ultralite has more bps settings and the stock pmr board has NXL mode. Ultralite has no NXL mode. Ultralite has no batter harness the batter just slides in. Ultralite has a different trigger and switch system. Ultralite has an hourglass shape.

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